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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has been trying to provide corruption free administration to the people and have switched to online services for this purpose.

Recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir has asked the officers to expedite the auto-appeal feature for all the 445 online services to root out chances of corruption.

He launched the PSGA auto-appeal feature of few online services offered by Government Departments. The feature is going to auto escalate the appeals in case the services are not provided to the applicant within the time limit set under the Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA). With this the UT became the first in the country to integrate the auto-appeal feature to the Service Plus platform.

He called this step revolutionary. He applauded the IT Department for integrating this feature in the digital services offered by different Departments to the citizens. He advised the Department to work on activating this feature for all the 445 services offered by the government to its citizens at an earliest.

He called for prioritizing those services that form the bulk of the applications. He advised for making the auto-appeal feature active for services related to the everyday life of the citizens like seeking of power/water connections, availing of documents like income, domicile, category, birth, death certificates and benefits like old age, widow pensions besides scholarships under various social security schemes etc.

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