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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir has recently started a Rs 46.65 cr Beekeeping promotion project. Many farmers have switched to beekeeping as the government is trying to increase their income with the help of the new project.

After implementation of the project, Jammu and Kashmir will have a full fledged center of excellence for constancy, capacity building and post-harvest management.

Under the project, the value addition of honey is also being envisioned coupled with efficient growth of the bee sector using native honey bees.

Generation of additional Rs 475 crore income by the sale of by-products has been targeted under the project. The value addition will be possible by harnessing the potential of by-products.

86 enterprises will be set up in the coming five years under the project. “The potential of apiculture has not been tapped fully in Jammu and Kashmir. So, under this project latest interventions are being brought to produce good quality honey in huge quantities to uplift our beekeepers.

The current system of rearing is less productive with no mechanism for quality improvement.  So, strengthening and distribution of bee colonies through clusters, Self Help Groups and Farmer Producer Organizations are being focused upon. Besides, 1,43,000 new bee colonies will be set up which will bring the honey production to 66100 quintal.

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