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Ground-breaking project

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Government of Jammu and Kashmir is working on an ambitious project for the oilseed industry with an outlay of Rs 1290 cr.

When this project is implemented on the ground it will be a big boost for the farmers in the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Union Territory (UT) is all set to witness a massive transformation in the agriculture sector with implementation of a ground-breaking project that promises to increase oil seed production and create employment opportunities. The interventions, which included providing subsidized seeds and fertilizers, increasing the seed replacement rate and adopting innovative technologies like INM/IPM and micro irrigation, are aimed at boosting oil seed production from 11.20 lakh quintal to 25.20 lakh quintal annually, and productivity from 8 quintal per Ha to 12 quintal per Ha. This will also result in a significant increase in production of edible oils from 3.36 lakh quintal to 9.07 lakh quintal. The project is expected to reduce the deficit in oil seed production by 35% and substantially decrease the outflow of foreign exchange due to oilseed imports.

To improve the seed replacement rate of oil seeds, 50% subsidy with a ceiling of Rs 2500/- per quintal will be provided for producing foundation and certified seeds to boost productivity and promote area expansion. To further increase cultivation, 11,200 Ha will be brought under cluster cultivation of oil seeds, with 50% incentives extended up to Rs 5000/- per Ha under cluster demonstrations and up to Rs 7000/- per Ha under front-line demonstrations to meet all input costs for the cultivation of mustard, rapeseed, sesame, and linseed.

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