Crescent Kashmir

Green cover

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Recently LG Manoj Sinha on the international day of forest said that large population of tribal families in Jammu and Kashmir is dependent on forest produce

With more than 55% green cover, Jammu Kashmir is ahead of many other states and UTs.

He gave valuable suggestions for sustainable management of forests.

He said the 2.5 billion population of the world is dependent on forests in one way or the other. From our ancient texts to the latest and greatest invention of Artificial Intelligence Tool, you can find one thing in common i.e the entire universe is made of the five elements (Panch Tatva), he observed.

We must move ahead with the mantra of Panch Karma – the five major goals for the next one year.  The Non-Timber Forest Produce scheme must encourage associated Self-help Groups and communities to work on conservation of forests and plantation, said the Lt Governor.

Forest-related education in schools and participation of students in plantation drives must be ensured. Van Dhan Kendras and Self-help Groups should be involved in branding and marketing of forest-friendly products.

He said the inclusion of Panchayati Raj Institutions in Van Se Jal and Jal Se Jeevan program will make a greater impact in our campaign for conservation of natural resources. Further, we have to make the reforestation campaign a mass movement.

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