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Government of Jammu and Kashmir after putting in place the panchayat system is trying to complete the process of appointment of Lumberdars/ Chowkidars.

Recently Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir applauded his J&K Admin for completing appointment of around 10000 Lumberdars/ Chowkidars.

In one of the largest reformative measures started few months back, J&K Administration has nearly completed appointing about 10000 educated and young persons belonging to different villages of the UT on the significant grassroots level posts of Lumbedars and Village Guards (Chowkidars).

He applauded both the Divisional and District Administration for achieving this feat in a record time. He impressed upon the authorities to ensure that a training schedule is framed for these youngsters in order to sensitize them about their vital role as the grassroots level, frontline workers who have to work for the welfare and well-being of their villages.

He enjoined upon them that all these youngsters deserves to be given due respect and recognition as they would act as a bridge between the common masses and higher authorities. He advised them to create a WhatsApp group of these basic workers so that there is continuous communication between them and the District and Divisional Administration. He maintained that since all of these persons are educated and young with very good reputation in their villages their services with respect to ground level verification about implementation of different welfare programmes in the villages would be authentic, genuine and seamless. He exhorted upon them that their role in reporting of malpractices like encroachment of state land by people and other incidents of laxity or unprofessional conduct on any part of government official in their respective villages would be vital in taking action against the delinquents.

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