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Tourism and Hospitality

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Tourism stakeholders of South are taking keen interest in the tourism promotions in Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently networking sessions with the stakeholders in Tourism and Hospitality Sector were conducted in the state of Tamil Nadu as well. The visiting officer reached out to the travel partners at Highland Accord resort in Ooty and interacted with the delegation led by President Nilgiri Hotel and Restaurant association and others regarding the best responsible Tourism practices in the Nilgiri District, where a complete ban on use of polythene, plastic water bottles and other kind of single use plastic has been successfully implemented. Hotels are not providing any plastic bottles, and instead Filtered RO water is being used in glass bottles.  Demand for drinking water at public/tourist places is being met through Water ATMs. Civil society members and people in Travel business are collectively engaged in enforcement to promote responsible Tourism practices for the sustainability of Tourism Industry in Nilgiris.

Discussions were also held with members of Adventure Tour Operators Association of India regarding Adventure activities. Officers also visited the Adventure parks, the wax Museum, Camera museum and other attractions. The delegation interacted with the operators about the feasibility and sustainability of these projects. The operators informed that with the setting up of Adventure parks and museums, the Tourism activity has increased in the area and the stay of the visitors has extended.

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