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Recently the Vitasta Cultural Festival’s third and final edition wraps up, celebrating India’s diverse cultural expressions.

On this occasion, Shri Banwari Lal Purohit, Governor of Punjab and Chairman of the North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala, expressed immense pride in being a part of the ongoing celebration of this festival. Highlighting the significance of this glorious occasion, where diverse cultures from across the country converge in the heavenly land of Kashmir, he said that the festival ‘Vitasta’ serves as a unifying thread, weaving diverse cultural blooms into a splendid garland. Mr. Purohit extended his heartfelt congratulations to the Ministry of Culture, Government of India, for organising this grand and folk culture-centric event. Additionally, he lauded the dedicated efforts of Furkan Khan, the diligent director of the North Zone Cultural Centre, for orchestrating this marvellous occasion.

Shiri Purohit said, “As the Chairman of the North Zone Cultural Centre, I take immense pride in the trust placed upon us to host this remarkable event. I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Director of the Centre, Furkan Khan, and his dedicated team for the resounding success of this event. I am grateful to the Government of India, particularly the Union Ministry of Culture and its officials, for providing us with this valuable opportunity. Additionally, as the Chairman of the North Zone Cultural Centre, Patiala, I wholeheartedly express my gratitude to the Government of Jammu and Kashmir and the local administration for their unwavering cooperation in organising this grand cultural extravaganza.”

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