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Biodegradable waste management

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At the village level in the entire Jammu and Kashmir different wings of administration are busy moving ahead for Biodegradable waste management.

For this purpose recently the government said that individual and community compost have been constructed. 115502 compost pits have been constructed either by the department or by people themselves in their households. People are being encouraged to segregate dry and wet waste and process wet waste in compost pits.

GOBARdhan (Galvanising Organic Bio Agro Resources) launched by the government through the Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation to ensure cleanliness in villages by converting bio-waste including cattle waste, kitchen leftovers, crop residue and market waste to improve the lives of villagers. While two such projects are already functional in Jammu and Kashmir, 18 more such projects are in the final stages of completion.

Door to Door collection of waste is now something which has become prevalent in almost all panchayats of Jammu and Kashmir. Through involvement of locals, NGOs, expert agencies, waste is being collected from households and segregated with bailers, shredders, for its final disposal.

The segregated waste at the moment is being managed through recyclers, rag pickers, linkages with ULBs etc. However, PWMUs are being established in each district, some of which are in the final stages of completion. The plastic in these centres would be cleaned, shredded, and bailed for its final disposal.

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