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Engineering careers

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Recently LG Manoj Sinha while addressing the students at IIT Jammu said that India’s future offers immense opportunities for engineering careers. As the nation continues to invest in research and development, infrastructure and technological advancement, a plethora of opportunities await engineers.

He said, under the guidance of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, India is on the move and is emerging as a technology and services hub powered by the knowledge economy.

The ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives coupled with a burgeoning startup ecosystem, presents a fertile ground for young minds to make their mark and carve a successful career in engineering, he added.

He advised the students to explore new paths and keep re-inventing themselves to keep pace with the change happening around the world.

We need engineers who will not be confined to the mundane, but who will think beyond textbooks and question the status quo and embrace challenges as opportunities. The expertise of the young engineers’ expertise will be instrumental in driving the mission of Make in India and Start Up India.

Citing examples of Japan and USA, the Lt Governor said the Engineering prowess of these countries has contributed to their growth and elevated their status in the world. He said, the world’s greatest powers are witness to the fact that great engineers have been instrumental in propelling those nations to unparalleled heights.

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