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Police Warns Rumour Mongers Against Spreading Fake Info About Bovine Killing In J&K’s Kishtwar

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JAMMU, Aug 22: Police on Tuesday warned rumour-mongers of legal action against spreading misleading information on social media about the alleged killing of a bovine animal in the communally sensitive Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. “Some rumours mongers circulating about the alleged killing of a bovine animal in village Galhar. However, these rumours are not based on factual information. The bovine animal, which belonged to Mohd Yousaf, actually died from a snake bite two days ago,” Kishtwar police said in a statement.
Subsequently, it said the animal was taken to a nearby field where it was scavenged by stray dogs.
“Unfortunately, certain mischievous individuals captured photographs of the incident and disseminated them widely. This dissemination was done with a clear intention to incite communal unrest in the area,” the statement said.
The police clarified that the matter has been thoroughly investigated by police officers and an executive magistrate from the area.
“Additionally, medical experts are providing their opinion on the situation and if any wrongdoing by the cattle owner is found in the report of veterinary experts, necessary action under the law will be taken against the culprits accordingly,” the statement said.
In the interest of peace and harmony in the district, the police urged the general public to refrain from sharing any content related to the incident on social media.
“Please abstain from spreading any further rumours. Those found engaging in such behaviour will be subject to legal consequences,” it said. (Agencies)

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