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Effective strategies

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In a recent meeting Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir said that his administration is working on the ground to provide employment to all the job seekers.

He stressed on having the relevant data of this population to make effective strategies accordingly. He called for creating a database on the lines of ‘India Stack’ to promote the interests of women and youth.

He maintained that the gap between the demand and target of schemes should be properly studied and measures taken to bridge the same. He noted that the section of population desirous of taking any kind of should be catered to as per the aspirations of these people.

He impressed upon all the concerned Departments to reposition their targets to saturate demands in their sectors. He called for creation of Panchayat level employment plans for reflecting the actual ambitions of youth regarding the kind of engagements they want for themselves as per their strengths and available opportunities that are viable.

On the occasion the Commissioner Secretary, Labour & Employment, RehanaBatul informed the meeting that this financial year under different Self Employment Schemes implemented by different Departments 19733 units have been established till date generating employment for more than 95000 persons. She further informed that in addition 36 job fairs were held during this time at different locations providing employment to 614 persons.

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