Crescent Kashmir

Key initiatives

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Jammu and Kashmir has a huge forest cover and the people are realising the importance of environmental balance.

General public in Jammu and Kashmir should respect and restore the delicate balance between economic development and conservation of forest.

Recently at IIM Jammu, the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha shared the key initiatives of the UT Administration aimed at ecological conservation and protection of natural resources.

Sustainable Development and Environment Conservation is our priority. Protection of natural resources is in the DNA of our society, our culture. With the whole of government and whole of society approach, we are making honest efforts to address the challenges of climate change.

17 Nagar Vans are being established near cities and towns. It will enhance the green cover in Urban and Peri-Urban Areas to provide a clean and healthy environment to the dwellers of Urban Centres. It is also being ensured that the city forests are established in all urban local bodies.

He said the environmental protection awareness campaigns have generated a sense of responsibility among the people and there is a growing realization that nature is the only lifeline for human existence.

He called upon the Premier Education Institutions of J&K to take the lead in environmental protection campaigns.

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