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Traffic management

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Government has been given new methods to regulate the traffic on Srinagar-Jammu highway, especially the fruit laden trucks.

In the recent past truckers have been allowed to move freely without any halts on Srinagar-Jammu highway.

All this happened when recently a team led by the Chief Secretary, took a holistic review of this road in-person upto Ramban from Srinagar and directed the concerned not to enforce any manual halts on this highway for HMVs. This resulted in issuance of fresh advisory by the traffic department ordering no hindrance on the movement of HMVs of less than 4-axle on the road and offering them smooth access to their destinations.

The fresh advisory was issued ahead of the fruit season during which several thousand additional vehicles laden with fresh produce traverse this road on a daily basis. It also encouraged the field personnel to ensure that the HMVs laden with essential items like fruits, vegetables and poultry to be given prior access on this road as these items are perishable in nature.

To ensure that there are no uncalled breakdown of any vehicle enroute the department advised the truckers to strictly adhere to the norms of carrying the load and do away with the overloading of their vehicles. It also asked them to allow only trucks that are fit in all respects to ply smoothly on this mountainous highway. It even told them to resort to an optimum speed that does not create hindrance for other categories of vehicles on this road thereby ensuring that each of them reaches to its destination in a duration of 8-10 hours only.

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