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Efficiency in functioning

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Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir recently launched 05 New Online Services amongst other initiatives such as Cyber Crisis Management Plan and Digital Internship programme 2.0

He emphasized that e-services have brought about efficiency in the functioning of all the departments and are a very potent tool in realizing the J&K administration aim of “BhrashtacharMukt J&K”. The e-initiatives are  also being appreciated by the public at large for their inherent hassle-free, transparent nature.

He urged the department to continue its efforts in expanding the e- services portfolio, suggesting the incorporation of new services and setting a target of reaching 1500 e-services.

He directed compilation of comprehensive reports highlighting the backlog of e-files within various government departments for swift disposal of files.

He stressed the importance of identifying users who exhibit suboptimal file disposal rates. Additionally, he underscored the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, such as voice-to-text converters in e-office operations, and assessed the progress of Digital DPR and Virtual Tour initiatives.

In order to sensitize the general public about their right of public service delivery in a timely manner and to enhance empowerment & transparency, he directed incorporation of PSGA timeline in the SMS sent to people on submitting e-service applications before the end of this month.

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