Crescent Kashmir

Good governance

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The Planning Development & Monitoring Department organized a workshop to have a transparent and accountable administration in place.

Recently LG Manoj Sinha said change is the only constant and every sector has to imagine a future in the backdrop of increasing role of humans and machines and their collective strength for growth.

He underlined the need for integration of Artificial Intelligence and new technological tools to plan schemes more effectively and to make public services more efficient.

Technological adoption and increased human & machine collaboration will also enable informed decision making, improve policy making processes, target resources and services urgently required for quality living of citizens and speedy implementation of projects.

He emphasized on adopting a strategic and integrated approach to effectively tackle the various growing challenges like climate change, cyber threat and issues in health, education and agriculture.

He asked the Planning Development & Monitoring Department to prepare for the significant shift to maximize the benefits of government schemes for the citizens and minimize the risk and loss.

He emphasizes on adopting strategic & integrated approach to improve policy performance, address disruptive changes and manage the complex future challenges.

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