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Powerful panchayats

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The Government of Jammu and Kashmir is trying to infuse new power in the panchayati raj system.

In this direction recently inaugurated the ‘Cashless Panchayats’, adoption of BHIM-UPI mode of transactions in Gram Panchayats of J&K UT.

He said that door to door collection of waste has been initiated in all the Panchayats, segregation sheds have been established and a financial model has been developed to ensure sustainability of the waste collection mechanism, thereby converting waste to wealth.

He shared the efforts of the UT Administration to bring socio-economic transformation in the lives of the people living in villages.

Growth in rural areas is fueling the socio-economic development of J&K UT. Our villages have come closer to the cities in terms of facilities, connectivity and infrastructure.

With a participatory approach, we have strengthened social and environmental security and created entrepreneurship opportunities at the grassroot level.

He said the on-boarding of 4274 Gram Panchayats of J&K on Cashless Mode today are the part of the government’s endeavour to digitize the gram Panchayats and make them more transparent, accountable and effective.

He directed the Rural Development Department to ensure the new system put in place in rural areas for sanitation remains dynamic, the new facilities developed in this journey are properly maintained, and the waste management system should be continuously monitored.

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