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Skill development

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J&K administration has launched many schemes on projects encompassing skill development along with science and technology.

Recently the Chief Secretary of Jammu and Kashmir called for improving the quality of skill courses to enhance enrolment & placements across Jammu and Kashmir.

He directed the Science and Technology Deptt to speed up the implementation of solar schemes.

While reviewing the working of SDD he impressed upon the Department to have a close peek into the viability of courses offered by the skill imparting institutions of the UT. He asked for measures to improve the overall enrollment and placement of the students undergoing training there.

He observed that the skilling of youth holds the promise of bringing gainful employment to them. He made out that the relevant courses and rigorous training of the students could change the landscape of fetching them the desirable jobs. He asked for preparing these Institutes to be hubs of imparting the right kind of skill sets which are in demand in the market bolstered with incubation and mentorship to safeguard the future of the students.

He even advised them to track the pass outs of these institutions for taking feedback from them besides studying the kind of challenges they face in securing employment for them. He also asked for carrying out a survey to know about the skill gap between our population and the needs of industries out there.


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