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Sanitation systems

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Government of Jammu and Kashmir is trying to create sustainable sanitation systems in villages, tourist and religious destinations in the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Swachh Bharat Mission – Grameen, a flagship program under the Rural Development Department (RDD) and Panchayati Raj having achieved the ODF status will focus on creating sustainable assets in villages, empowering and supporting local communities for cleanliness process besides development more than 300 locations of religious and tourism important as destinations of importance.

Secretary, Rural Development Department and Panchayati Raj, recently urged officials to prioritize practicality and realism in the planning and execution of Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) initiatives across Jammu and Kashmir, and putting concerted efforts for ground level planning and monitoring.  He underscored SBM-G as  top priority of the government, calling for a pragmatic approach to enhance the effectiveness of SBM.

During a review meeting of the SBM, the Secretary underscored the importance of ensuring the operational efficiency and maintenance of various waste management plants, including solid waste, liquid waste, GOBARdhan, plastic waste, greywater, and waste treatment plants.

He stressed that planning for the construction of these plants should align with the availability of essential infrastructure such as roads and electricity, preventing scenarios where assets are constructed without proper accessibility. He also highlighted the need to engage with power development department in this regard for realistic planning.

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