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Smart city mission

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Recently CEO Srinagar Smart City Ltd. (SSCL), visited the Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) at Zainakote HMT, Srinagar, to gain insights of cutting-edge urban technologies in Srinagar.

He engaged in productive discussions with officials of SSCL and all stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of leveraging technology to enhance urban living and address key challenges faced by the city. He expressed enthusiasm for the ongoing initiatives and expressed a commitment to support the vision of transforming Srinagar into a technologically advanced and sustainable city.

ICCC will act as a situation room of integrated city civic operations and creating opportunities for data-driven decision making. Srinagar Smart City aims to secure and increase livability, sustainability, efficiency for all citizens. The Smart City will help to achieve five goals viz. smart mobility, smart economy, smart environment, smart living and smart governance.

He emphasised on continuous evaluation of the functioning of the Integrated Command & Control Centre for analyzing the impact of citizen centric services viz. Water, Electricity, Mobility, Education, Healthcare, Environment, Security and Emergency Response Mechanism.

ICCC enables collation of information and collaborative monitoring, thus helping in the analysis of data for quicker decision making. Intelligent operations capability ensures integrated data visualization, real time collaboration and deep analytics that will help different stakeholders to prepare for emergencies, coordinate and manage response efforts and enhance the ongoing efficiency of city operations.

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