Crescent Kashmir

Livelihood initiatives

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In order to provide all the chances of growth to the people who have no income, J&K administration is working on key initiatives.

Recently Secretary Rural Development Department (RDD) distributes Rs 76.57 lakhs to JKRLM SHGs for livelihood initiatives here.

The allocated funds are specifically designated for various livelihood initiatives, aimed at providing crucial support to enhance their economic prospects.

Among the initiatives, the establishment of a Farm Machinery Bank, with a total cost of Rs 10 Lakh and an 80% subsidy sanctioned by the Agriculture Department, two Masala Processing Units, costing around 13 lakhs with a 60% subsidy sanctioned by the Horticulture Department.

The sanction of a Poly House, with a cost of Rs 2.15 lakh and a 95% subsidy sanctioned by the Agriculture Department, will provide an ideal environment for cultivating high-value crops.

Furthermore, the Micro Enterprises Development Programme (MEDP) on Chir-Pine Needles, costing Rs 1.17 lakh and sanctioned by by NABARD, along with the NOC provided by the Forest Department for Chir-Pine Collection, will create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and promote forest conservation.

Additionally, a Bank Credit Linkage of Rs 50 lakhs has been allocated to SHGs for various livelihood initiatives initiated by the members, further demonstrating the government’s commitment to supporting rural women in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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