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Empowering Women

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Recently District Hub for Empowerment of Women (DHEW) Budgam organized a seminar titled ‘Empowering Women against Substance Abuse’ under the auspices of the Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan (NMBA) at Narbal Budgam.

The seminar brought together stakeholders from across sectors to collectively strategize and mobilize resources towards combating substance abuse.

The seminar, attended by participants including community leaders, health professionals, Workers from Mission Poshan, served as a platform for dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collaborative action. Participants engaged in constructive discussions on the root causes of drug addiction, its impact on individuals and communities, and effective prevention and intervention strategies.

Renowned experts in the field of addiction, medicine, psychology, and social work delivered informative presentations on the latest research findings, evidence-based treatment modalities, and community-based interventions.

Interactive workshops facilitated dialogue and skill-building exercises aimed at enhancing participants’ capacity to recognize early warning signs of substance abuse, provide support to affected individuals, and advocate for policy change.

Engaging testimonies from individuals in recovery, as well as interactive sessions with community members, underscored the importance of community-driven solutions and the role of collective action in addressing substance abuse.

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