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Resident Doctors Threaten Protest Over Delay In Salaries

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SRINAGAR, Mar 19: The resident doctors of Government Medical College (GMC), Srinagar, have threatened a protest against the delays in salary payments.
A statement issued by the Resident Doctors Association said over the past year, resident doctors at GMC Srinagar have encountered prolonged delays exceeding five months in salary payments.
“Despite diligent efforts to seek clarification on these delays, the administration attributes them to a purported shortage of funds stemming from the institution’s increased seat capacity,” the statement said.
It added that the resulting financial strain has prompted residents, both local and non-local, to contemplate an institution-wide protest, accompanied by a three-day ultimatum for salary disbursement.
The RDA said it has been engaging with the Chief Accounts Officer and Principal GMC Srinagar throughout the current month to address the ongoing challenges regarding the timely disbursement of salaries for senior residents and stipends for postgraduate residents.
“The collective frustration among residents is palpable; notwithstanding their considerable work hours, they are subjected to delayed compensation for their rightful duties and a sense of marginalization. Repeated appeals to the PMC and CAO have yielded little beyond false assurances and promises,” the statement said, adding that additionally, outstanding arrears from the fiscal year 2023 remain unresolved for resident doctors, exacerbating the situation further.
The RDA said taking into consideration the escalating discontent and demoralization among the residents, a protest appears increasingly likely should salary disbursement fail to occur within the next three days.
“The potential disruption to regular duties by the residents staying back home could result in significant hardships to the institution and the patients in its care,” the statement said. (Agencies)

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