Crescent Kashmir

Enhanced convergence

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Rural development schemes are very important for the rural growth in Jammu and Kashmir.

Recently Chief Secretary chaired UT level ECM to approve plans for RDD schemes

He said that critical rural infrastructure will come up under enhanced convergence of MGNREGA

He remarked that the Department has a vital function of raising the critical infrastructure in rural areas that has a bearing on the lives of the population there. He called on having greater coordination between the departments to prioritize works that are most emergent in nature and in demand by the locals of the area.

He stressed on carrying out studies by the reputed institutions verifying the social impact of such projects on the lives of people there. He asked for carrying out third-party evaluation of such works to get the actual outcomes and benefits accruing to the public on ground.

He impressed on providing the quality handholding to the SHGs immediately after their registration. He called on providing them the desirable counselling through social mobilization besides enhancing their capacity to enlarge their enterprises on commercial lines.


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