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Electoral process

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In order to strengthen the electoral process and enhance proficiency in handling Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) devices, a comprehensive training sessions was organized today at  conference hall, DC office complex under the guidance  of District Election Officer, Baseer-Ul-Haq Chaudhary.

The training, facilitated by Master Trainers, aimed to equip government employees of the district with  necessary knowledge and skills required for the upcoming Lok Sabha election.

The session, presided over by Deputy District Election Officer, Abdul Jabar, emphasized the importance of attending training sessions to ensure familiarity and ease of operation with EVMs and VVPATs.

During the session, detailed information was provided on the roles and responsibilities of Presiding and Polling Officers and hands-on training was also conducted to demonstrate the functioning and operational procedures of EVMs/VVPATs.

Attendees, including employees from various government departments, actively participated in the training to enhance their understanding and proficiency with the process of elections.

Similar training program was conducted in Banihal, focusing on the demonstration of VVPATs and control units.

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