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Interaction programme

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Recently the Director Horticulture held an important programme with the Board of Directors and members of the Farmers Producers Organisation (FPO) for Aonla crop at village Sungal of block Akhnoor.

He emphasized the intrinsic importance of FPOs to the horticultural community of Akhnoor and its neighbouring villages. He underscored their pivotal role in empowering farmers, fostering collective action, and amplifying voices within the agricultural landscape.

Highlighting the critical role of FPOs in enabling smallholder farmers to access resources, markets and knowledge, Director Sharma commended the proactive efforts of FPO members. He reiterated the Department’s steadfast commitment to supporting and strengthening grassroots initiatives.

His address resonated deeply with attendees, igniting a sense of purpose and unity among the farming community. His insights into the transformative potential of FPOs sparked engaging discussions and inspired participants to explore new avenues for collaboration and growth.

The interaction programme not only served as a platform for knowledge exchange but also as a catalyst for fostering solidarity and camaraderie among farmers. It underscored the Department’s dedication to nurturing inclusive and sustainable agricultural practices that benefit communities at large.

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